Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reacquaint Yourself with the Bathtub

When was the last time you filled your bathtub with warm water, added your favorite soap, crystals, or oil, and sat in it for more than five minutes? Has taking a bath become a luxury?

Once upon a time when I was single, my bathtub was used every Saturday morning. I enjoyed the quietness, the stillness; the slight steam from the heat of the water. I reveled in the non-hurried weekend morning. It was a time to unwind; to put my brain on pause – if only for twenty minutes.

After sitting ten minutes or so, I’d begin to shave and scrape and do whatever else I could do to camouflage the signs of aging. The last step was the actual bath, and then I’d step out feeling calm and very refreshed.

Why did I stop this ritual? Oh…that’s right…I had children.

In the thirteen years that I’ve been a mother, there’s been a few times when more than a year has passed without using the tub! As I think about the reasons why, I come up with: reason number one, “I don’t have time,” reason number two, “It’s easier to take a shower.” More reasons: I like to shower in the morning, so why take a bath at night. I need to wash my hair. I don’t want to clean the tub.

About a month ago, I had a calling from the bathtub, and I gave into it. My husband and children were busy watching Friday night television, or maybe they were playing the Wii; it didn’t matter. It was my chance to drift off into a little personal serenity.

It is still an effort for me to take a tub bath, but I’ve had a couple more, and plan to continue this new rediscovery.

When was the last time you used your tub?


Judy Thomas said...

I have never stopped using my tub! The bath is the place where I can calm down and do my best thinking..and now it is also a place to soothe my aches and pains....

Anita said...

JUDY-Aches and pains...nooooo! Seriously, I hope others will read your comment and be inspired. I am.

Beth said...

The bathtub...I love my bathtub. That ceramic (or plastic) hoe that holds water is where my husband and I hold our strategy meetings. He knows it's time for him to leave when I pull out my razor or pumas stone.

Beth said...

The bathtub......I love my bathtub. This ceramic (or plastic)hole that holds water is actually where my husband and I have our strategy meetings. He knows the meeting is over when I pull out my razor or pumas stone

Anita said...

BETH, Strategy meetings with your husband in the tub...hmmmmm...interesting.