Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day

Okay, so I'm a week behind on this post. Anyway...

On a day that's supposed to be exceptionally good, the Honored Mommy (me) gets only five hours of sleep the night before. Mother's Day starts out "in the red." She's tired.

Dutifully, she takes her children to church instead of pulling the covers back over her head. Husband/Daddy went an hour ago to teach his class of five year olds, otherwise, the Honored Mommy would have been tempted to send the children with him while she enjoyed the serenity of a book or dreamland.

After church, the Honored Mommy is taken to a 21st floor restaurant that has a view of a river below. Husband has lunch there occasionally during the weekdays and knows "everyone," therefore, he proudly introduces her and the three children to every server and cook on the premises, and to a couple groups of other diners that he just happens to know.

Sooo, the Honored Mommy has to shake a few hands, flash a few smiles, and say a few words between forkfuls of shrimp creole, smoked salmon, and other delicious items from the buffet. Still, she eats all she wants, including "the best" bread pudding for dessert.

Satisfied and full, the Honored Mommy wants to go home, but she looks out over the city with her family because they seem to be enjoying it. Then she takes a complimentary picture with them, shot by the Mother's Day photographer - even though her eyes are puffy from lack of sleep, and she hadn't bothered to cover her gray roots with her cover stick that morning.

Nice pic.

We're now homeward bound! The Honored Mommy snoozes a little during the drive.

A deviation: The husband has to go a little out of the way to drop off a card to a woman in a nursing home. The Honored Mommy can't argue with that (because it's a good deed) and continues her least she "tries" to continue her snooze.

Instead of taking the route that would get them home with five turns, the husband/daddy takes the route that requires twenty turns. The Honored Mommy's head jerks and bobs at every turn. She feels like she's on a ride at the amusement park.

Then, daughter #1 has to have something from CVS. Another delay.

Finally, they're home. The presents are opened and the Honored Mommy takes a breather. Then she puts on comfortable clothes, because of course...she's back to work.

This story was inspired by a Mother's Day episode of the ABC TV show, The Middle. The mother gets her wish of being alone on Mother's Day, then wastes her solitude by doing stressful chores. Her family comes home after an activity filled day and she's upset because they had fun without her.

A different story from mine, yet I was reminded of how much our loved ones do to give us a good day; and I appreciate it. I feel the love...even when it wears me out.

What do you do on Mother's Day?

5/16/11 - Thought I should add: This story reflects my personal sense of humor, but please tell me your stories, whether they are humorous or not.

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