Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Big Is Your Purse?

Darling Husband gave me a purse as an anniversary present; though it can hardly be called a purse. It’s big!

(By the way, do you say handbag, bag, purse, pocketbook, or something else?)

It’s big for me, but probably not for most of you fashionistas out there. The current trend appears to be humongous, and many women are totin’ those babies.

I, on the other hand, have stuck with my 12”x 8” purse (if you’re measuring the surface of one side of it) with a 2 1/2" base, for two reasons:

1) Anything heavy on my shoulder too long, eventually becomes uncomfortable. I don’t think it’s bursitis. That’s what my mom complains about. Hmmm... Also, I hang it on my right shoulder; never the left. Am I going to end up lopsided, if not already?

2) The more space I have in my purse, the more everyone expects me to carry their stuff in it. Why is that? Why do my daughters have their own purses, but leave them home most of the time, then ask me to put their wallets, hair accessories, cameras, and small purchases in “my” purse? (Not the cell phones, of course.) Darling Husband has been known to ask, too. And by the way, why don’t men carry purses?

I digress.

Anyway, when I opened the present and saw the size of it, I hoped that it wouldn’t be heavy because I really need a new black bag. I was reminded of an infant car seat, with an ergonomically correct handle, that we bought for our first baby in 1995. “It’s not too heavy,” I’d said, forgetting that the seven pound baby would be added.

I picked up my new purse. It was heavy – empty and heavy. Then, I noticed the brand name – expensive. Darling Husband is very sweet and generous to a fault. Frugal Wife decided not to spoil the moment by asking the price and going into sticker shock.

After a few days, reality told me that my 2.6 pound (empty) Dooney & Bourke handbag will be going back to Macy’s, where it will be purchased and filled by someone else who will end up with shoulder bursitis.

I’ll still get my new black purse, though. Maybe, I’ll graduate to one that is 13” x 9" with a 3" base.

Thank you Darling Husband.

My third “by the way” – If I've mislead you... My spaghetti arms are deceiving to some; but the old girl can still flip a king size mattress.

What is the size of your purse and what do you carry in it?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Old Eggs Can Produce

"Your eggs are old."

This is what my mom told me in 1994 prior to leaving for my honeymoon; and again, during the first month of my marriage.

Mom and I have the kind of relationship where we can say things like this to each other. It's our attempt to add humor to subjects that are sometimes stressful.

Anyway, I won't go on and on about what happened to my eggs. Instead, I'll direct you to Cynthia's blog, "InSeason Mom." Click HERE to read my answers to a great set of questions composed by Cynthia. She and I, and many others had the so-called "old eggs" situation in common. She has also interviewed a few other women. It's the beginning of a sincere, informative, and thought provoking series.

While I've injected a little humor in this post, I am fully aware of the heartbreak that many women and men suffer in dealing with infertility. To you, I wish continued hope, success in any medical attention sought, and peace in making decisions about the future of your families.