Friday, May 1, 2009

You're Never Too Old (for most things)

Mallory and Mommy practicing a duet
I wish I had done that when I was a child…or when I was younger.

How many times have you heard that statement?

When I was younger, I only heard it from old people who lived vicariously through me and other young people, or who envied us.

I can’t run up and down stairs like you do all day long.

I wish I could go back to school, but I can’t handle all that reading and homework anymore.

I wish I had stuck with playing an instrument.

I wish I hadn’t let myself get out of shape.

I wish I had traveled more.

Now I’m hearing it from people my own age! Are we now - old?

As I was taking a walk with Swati and Judy, the subject of amusement parks came up. Judy and I immediately listed our reasons for being less than thrilled.

Judy said:
“The rides make me dizzy.”

My portion the dialog:
“When the kids say, ‘Let’s go to Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens,’ I sigh and muster up an, ‘okayyyy.’ I try to take them a few times in the summer. They really enjoy it. Me – I’m hot, I’m watching them if they’re in the pool, I’m standing in long lines, I’m taking them to the restroom…”

Then Swati says:
“Growing up in the United States, I guess you all take these things for granted. I didn’t have all these amusement parks in India. It’s fun, like having a second childhood; living through your kids!”

That prompted me to reassess:
“Well, I do love Disney. The shows and theater are great. And I do love riding those simulator rides. And that stuff is at all the parks now. I actually do have fun when I get there.”

My point:
We should focus more on what’s good about something and the possibilities, rather than jump straight to the negative and what we can’t do.
My eight old is finishing her last year of parent-participation group piano lessons. I have sat on the floor of the piano studio through three kids, since 2000, singing and clapping and pointing to notes. Guess what has also happened? Yes, I’ve learned to play the piano, and I enjoy it!
My two oldest daughters surpassed me years ago, and I expect the youngest to do the same next year. But…I can play – slowly, and stopping to figure out chords and notes – but I'm making music! There could be lessons for me in the future…check back with me.

Are you living your second childhood? If not, hurry up before you turn back into a baby!

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