Monday, March 4, 2013

Do You Snoop?

Do I snoop? Hmmm... I'll let you be the judge.

One of my best friends and I babysit each other's dogs which is a very nice and convenient arrangement. As all pet owners know, "Who's going to watch the baby?" ...oops, I mean the dog, cat, guinea pig, snake, turtle, fish, or whatever dependent creature(s) residing with us, can sometimes be an issue. It's one of the first things we want to check off on our list of things to do before leaving our homes for an extended amount of time. My friend (I'll call her BFF) and I don't have to worry about our dogs unless both of us are on vacation at the same time, and in that case, we hire our friendly neighborhood pet sitter.

So BFF calls me to let me know she'll be gone a day and a half. "No problem," I say, "I'm in town."

On my first trip over to let the two pooches relieve themselves, I notice a pan on her cooktop--a shiny, pretty, new, pine green pan. I just bought a frying pan a couple days ago, an expensive Calphalon, that is a typical black and gray color. Darling Husband bought a smaller one a week prior to my purchase. Our scratched and peeling pans have been on our minds, hence, the sudden interest in cookware.

"Hmmm... I wonder what kind of pan that is?"

I lift it to find the brand name, and...

"Oops, there's liquid in it."

It's a cloudy morning so hardly any sunlight is coming through the kitchen window. Maybe that's why I didn't see anything in the pan; or maybe it's the ol' diminishing eyesight.

"Umph. Why is there water in a frying pan?"   *wishful thinking*

I put my finger in the water just to make sure I'm right.

I'm not.

"Oh, Snap!" as my oldest daughter says.

I grab the paper towels as I watch a line of it drizzle down the cabinet. Six paper towels later and I've hardly made a dent in the mess. And what do I do with them?

Over to the doggy box, I quickly grab a poop bag, a.k.a. a Food Lion bag, to put the greasy paper towels in.


But as you know, grease needs a serious combatant, i.e. soap or a degreaser. I look under the sink where I find Windex, but no Fantastik or 409 spray.

"I'd better spray a little of this Windex on the slippery spot on the floor; wouldn't want anyone to slip and fall."

"I don't know about squirting the cooktop; don't know the effect of this chemical when BFF turns on the burner to cook, plus the grate is greasy, too."

Sooo... I know what I gotta do--fill the sink with hot, soapy water to finish cleaning the cooktop and to dunk the grate.


I pour the remainder of the oil from the pan (that I've splashed soap suds in) into the mess of bagged paper towels and reinforce by putting that bag into another plastic bag. Food Lion bags are notorious for having small holes in the bottom.

My dog, Layla, during this escapade, has eaten a meal from one of BFF's dogs' bowls, so I refill it, say goodbye to the pups and leave; grease bag in hand to put in my outside garbage can.

Was I snooping?

Usually, when in someone's home alone, I don't touch anything that I don't need to touch. Of course, I couldn't help but SEE BFF's fancy cowgirl rainboots on the floor in the kitchen and a ladder leaning against the wall and her new vaccum cleaner still in the box and that!

Okay, so I have gone in the fridge once for some feta cheese. Oh, and once to the cabinet for some vanilla flavor.

But, I must say that I try to avert my eyes from paper work. You never know what's on a letter or document. I'd rather be told by the homeowner than to see and possibly misinterpret on my own.

But a shiny, new pan...


Unknown said...

OMG! You had me rolling on the floor! I don't really think looking at a pan out in the open is snooping, but it sure did manifest into a giant cleaning problem. I would consider that entirely harmless Anita. You are welcome in my home any day sweetie!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Hilary said...

Ha.. you're a hoot. I wouldn't consider a quick look for a brand name as snooping... whether I was the snooper or the snoopee. Well.. unless of course you were looking for the brand name of their undies or something. ;)

Shelly said...

Oh, this was hilarious! I could just see it all in my mind as you described it! I also laughed when Layla helped herself to some of the food, too.

You were a good friend to get it all cleaned up properly!

Haddock said...

Actually it is not snooping, but it comes under the category "noticing"

city said...

thanks for share.

Karen said...

Too funny! This reminds me of something Lucy (I Love Lucy) would do! I don't think you were snooping (I like the previous comment about 'noticing').

joeh said...

Pretty sure I saw an episode like that on "I Love Lucy."

I will check the fridge, but never look at any papers, bills etc.

BTW, who goes away for two days and leaves a pan of grease on the stove?

Maybe that was a trap!

Oh, just read the other comments, Apparently Karen saw the same episode of "Lucy."

Abby said...

I just realized I'm not a snooper. Or maybe I've just never had the opportunity to snoop any interesting places.

If your method of snooping involves cleaning my kitchen and utensils, you can come snoop at my house anytime!

Rebecca S. said...

I wouldn't call that snooping, to turn over a pan, but oh, the oil! That's the biggest mess possible. Oy. I used to do a lot of house sitting for some yuppie neighbours when I was a teenager. They had so much beautiful stuff - I was always turning over plates and things to see what they were. After all, I did eat in the kitchen and use their dishes and stuff. Sometimes I checked out their bookshelves, but I never would have dreamed of opening up a desk drawer or anything so invasive. There are some lines you just don't cross!
When I was a kid, babysitting, I did look for food in the cupboards and fridge, but only if invited to do so. I'm not sure I always cleaned up after myself as well as you did, though...:) I would now, certainly.

Linda Hensley said...

I'm with Abby, come over to my house any time if you're going to clean the kitchen! I also think Haddock said it right that you were just "noticing". I'm no more of a snooper than you seem to be, but I've known other people to go through all sorts of things when they don't think they'll be caught doing it. I figure I don't want it done to me, so I don't do it to anybody else.

Jenny said...

Okay. THIS was seriously funny.

And I do.

But jsut a little!

yonca said...

OMG..oil is a real mess! I am not a snooper.
You made me laugh Anita :)