Friday, April 5, 2013


The extra bedroom in our home of 10+ years is designated as “the den,” though realistically, it’s “my office." It was outfitted with a 1980s Cargo living room set and office furniture--do you remember—the furniture that was designed with wooden crates as the inspiration? Well last month, I said good-bye to it in preparation for my “brand new office/den!”

Still in the beginning stages, much of the design has been decided and the floor has been changed. The walls have also been painted.
Is it just me, or are you particular about having the perfect color on your walls, too? I’ll try to make this color selection story short. Here goes:
A friend loans me her color fan so that I can choose a green color for the walls of my highly anticipated “nature” themed room. Anyway, after looking at 50 shades of green in sunlight, cloudiness, home lighting at night, and even comparing the color chips to leaves from outdoors, I select a color. Let’s call it Color A.
Because of a bout with the flu (and life), I was way behind in getting the paint, which turned out to be the day before my painter friend was scheduled to come over. No problem though—Color A was sure to be “it.”
So I come home with my Home Depot sample that was color matched, paint a big square on the wall and it is not “it.”  Dropping a dab on the paint chip that I gave them verifies that the so-called color matching didn’t work; that there is a pinch more yellow in the paint than there should be. However, because it’s still nature-ish, I don’t rule it out, but feel that another test is needed.
Off to another store—a paint store. The dreaded “too much yellow” steers me to a different hue of green. After all, a few weeks ago, a designer in a furniture store had warned me about choosing green paint with “too much yellow” in it.
Frustrated, but determined, I choose another color (Color B) that has more blue (I guess) in it. Back home, a sample of it goes on the wall. Nice color, but not “it.”
“Just lighten it,” I say to myself.
To the store, get a sample (Color C), get it on the wall, not “it.” Too minty. My daughter says it would be good for a baby’s nursery.
It’s night now and Alfred comes tomorrow morning. A thought occurs to me: Go to the store that sells the color fan brand of paint and try my original selection again.
At 7:15 a.m., I’m at the store buying Color D. No time for a sample;  gotta get a gallon and trust my instinct.
Back home, I slap some on the wall before Alfred gets here. My gut says, “That’s IT!”
As Alfred is painting, I get a little apprehensive, but then excited, as I watch my contractor white walls change to a beautiful and earthy green—the green that was supposedly Color A.
I'm back at the store for the second gallon (less than 2 miles from home). While the paint is mixing, I tell the store guy what I’ve been through in the last 20 hours. He says that I should have come here first and saved time and $15. My paint would have been mixed right and that would have been it.
Would it have been?
Yes. I was confident that I’d chosen the right color in the beginning. It’s amazing, though, how unexpected factors and circumstances can break confidence.  I got off track in the process by a simple little pinch of yellow, but the main lessons I’ve learned (again) is to do things before “the last minute” and that I should continue to trust my instincts.
My “paint” story is simplistic. Major issues have to be decided upon based on facts, conjecture, supposition, or instincts. My mother and I made a difficult decision to miss the funeral of a beloved relative. Instincts told us that flying 3 planes (2 connections) to get there, in addition to other traveling uncertainties during this busy “Spring Break” week might not be the best thing to do.
Today, a neighbor told me that he and his wife made a decision about her cancer treatment. They also had to trust their instincts after hearing options that have no guarantees.
We don’t always get it right, but it’s nice when we do.
Do you trust your inner voice and/or have feelings about where it comes from?


Shelly said...

You showed great perseverance in going back until you got the right one, instead of giving up and settling for one that wouldn't have worked. Post some pics of your office when it's done!

Tabor said...

I am thinking that in most situations there is no 'right' choice. Just the best choice for the person in that moment.

Unknown said...

What a great topic! Over the years I have learned to trust my instinct. Those few times that I let my brain take over and steer me off course are less frequent. It really is amazing how you can "talk" yourself out of listening to your heart, but I have always regretted it!

I'd love to see your new space!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Sohailah said...

Most of the time, I'm scared to DEATH of my inner voice. It's the one that usually leaves me feeling selfish. Funny, huh? Not actually selfish - thinking that OTHERS will think I'k being selfish. Pathetic, more like it. First off, the inner voice is almost always the Holy Spirit, and RIGHT. Second, why in the WORLD do I care about what other people think? Especially because more often than not, they're not thinking about me, anyway, but themselves. And then again, if they have that much time to think spiteful or negative things about me, why would I want them in my life?

Thank you, Anita, I needed that clarity - I'm taking the job in the other district.

Hilary said...

I had to laugh at your paint story. Not because I don't feel your pain but because I do. I went through a similar struggle to find the right colour way too many years ago. I trusted my instinct though I'm the only one who really liked the shade. Time made me see the colour the way others did years ago. I outgrew it and am only getting around to changing it now.. this week, in fact. Only this time I've had to choose a colour that everyone else should like - in hopes of selling the place. That makes it a lot easier. ;)

As you summarized, paint is a very small decision in the whole scheme of things. We're very lucky if that's the only area where we screw up. Life's big decisions aren't as easy to make and live with if we get them wrong.

Looking forward to seeing the your new office space. :)

Abby said...

I have similar dilemmas when it comes to paint and end up doing nothing and my walls stay BORING beige.
We've made some major decisions based on instinct. A couple involved moving to different states. One was a good decision, another not so much. Win some, lose some!

Linda Hensley said...

I'm sorry you lost an important person in your life and that your neighbor is going through such difficulties. Kind of puts everything in perspective, doesn't it? On the other hand, the paint in my living room is half a shade too light and I've been fighting the urge to go buy a new bucket of paint for about 3 months :)

Jenny said...

50 Shades of Green!

Maybe that could be a trendy new decorating book! ha!

Color has to be right for me or I have to re-do it until it is!

I bet the space is going to be lovely!

yonca said...

Actually I was thinking the same thing with Tabor. There is no 'right choice'
I do trust my inner voice' Anita!

Rebecca S. said...

You have to LIVE with wall colour, so yes, I agree that it has to be 'it'. It's worth the running around in the long run.
I remember painting a bathroom 'Lake Louise Green' Waaaay to bold, but it was okay in the dark bathroom. I've learned a lot about paint over the years. I have a yellowish colour in the main part of the house and it changes depending on the time of day. Fortunately, I like it in all its moods.
I am very big on instinct, and as a woman, rely on it. My husband relies on my instinct too! I'm reading D.H. Lawrence right now, and he writes very well about instinct vs. intellect. Sometimes I have let my intellect talk me away from instinct. Always a mistake.

Barb said...

I always rely on the inner voice - it has my best interests at heart.

Once, I chose a lovely, quiet, dove-gray color for for the outside of our house. I had a hair appointment, and when I got back, the painters had half the front done - a garish bright blue. There was a mistake in the color coding. Thank goodness I wasn't on vacation while the painting was being done!

You'll have to show us the finished room.

Barb said...

PS how does the room look?