Thursday, January 14, 2010


Never say what you will never do.

In early 2009, two friends and I were walking and talking. When the facebook subject came up, one friend had no input, and the other (also a blogger) said she’s not interested. I told them that I wasn't interested either, and told them why.

“I know a few people who are on facebook, and they seem to enjoy it. I think they “chat” with their friends and use it to find people from their past. I don’t have any interest in finding people I went to elementary school with, and I don’t have that much time to spend on the computer…blah, blah, blah..”.

In a nutshell, I didn’t get it; I didn’t know why people loooove it.

But that was…then.

Now…I’m beginning to get it.

When I started blogging, I announced my blog to family and friends via email, and added the link to my email signature. As I received replies, at least three people said, “I’m on facebook. Why aren’t you using facebook?”

Still, I was not fazed. Email was serving me well.

But one day, it clicked…I said to myself, “Anita, keep the blog link in your email signature, but also use facebook to let family and friends know of a new post to your blog!”

So…every time I publish a blog post, I pop over to FB and “write it on my wall.”

Example for non FBers: I type, “Today’s blog post is: Ebay,” then I click on “link” and type it in – and "attach." I click on "share," type the security words, submit, and voila! – my message and blog thumbnail (blog post picture) is now on my wall.

When my “friends” (people who I have a facebook link with) sign on, my blog link is on their homepage, ready to be seen with a simple click – although people who have hundreds of friends who update FB constantly, may not see mine unless they scroll down.

If I’m interested in one particular friend or organization, I can go to my “friend list” and click on the icon to see the friend’s wall. Typically, I will browse their “photo album” to see vacation, wedding, and birthday pictures.

The avid FB users write random thoughts on the cold weather and snow, biblical scriptures, vacation tidbits, sports…you name it, they say it. It’s there for any friend to see and comment on, and the comments will be sent to the email inbox of everyone in a particular "conversation" - similar to blogging.

That’s the basics; easy.

I can see the appeal; families all over the country and world share photos and conversations. A friend of mine is selling her daughter’s Girl Scout cookies using FB.

Currently, I only use it for my blog. There is a mail function, but I don’t put anything personal on it; I’m afraid I’ll hit the wrong key and it will be there for all to see - not that my life is that exciting. I don’t play the games, send the hearts, etc. It’s that “lack of time/interest” thing again.

So, PJ at "Seens from the backs of my eyelids," I hope this gives you a little insight into the facebook craze. Thank you for suggesting it as a blog post. I’m not a model user, but who knows…next it could be twitter!

Do you use facebook? What do you use it for?

The media is crediting social networking for its help with the Haiti crisis. If you are able to help, contact your place of worship or your charitable organization of choice.


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Still considering it myself...thanks for the input! Food for thought!

I came over to visit today from "A Doctor in the House" blog. I will be back again to browse and visit soon!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Karen said...

Like you, I didn't have a lot of interest in starting FB when I started receiving invites from people I didn't know very well. Then, my family started getting involved with it and I find that it's a good way to keep in touch with relatives that live far away and usually hear from only at Christmas time. I don't have time for the farm stuff and trading things, etc., I'd rather blog. But I can see how it would be a fun way to stay involved with folks.

Unknown said...

Get out!! You have to read my blog today, it's about social networking sites etiquette!!!

Tabor said...

Oddly enough I never wanted to join until a former co-worker asked me to join and the minute I did, she dropped it! I stayed and have gotten in contact with a few old friends which is nice, but I keep blogging and FB separate.

Robin said...

Hi Anita, I just joined recently so my hubs could talk with relative s throughout the country..and sharing pics...I keep my FB and blog separate..theres work people on FB and that is a no no in my book..Blog stuff is more personal to me anyway but I like what you did with the ebay link..very kool idea..Ive never doen that..but I will..Thanks..!

Unknown said...

I facebook but I also don't link my blog and facebook together. Some of the people on my FB are not people that I won't to mix with my blog so I keep them separate.

I also like finding relatives and friends from a long time ago.

I do think though, that it can cause some damages in marriages unless you are both on each other's FB. I have heard about those relationships who have been torn up over friending ex's and things like that.

All in all, it's not bad! Look me up!

Dori said...

My family is scattered around the globe, went to boarding school in another country/continent, Navy co-workers scattered...facebook has been a great tool linking us all together! But, yeah, games are a waste of time...pillow fights, farmville, hearts and hugs...nope, no time.

Annie Z said...

I enjoy seeing what people I don't generally keep in touch with IRL are doing. People from my past as well as present.
It's good for networking as well. Other people in my career who I rarely see, I am able to keep in touch with.
It's also good for photo sharing of events and the like!
I don't play the games either, but I love the status updates!

angsiaufang said...

hahaha.. I am an old facebook user anita! :D
I've been using it since people were still crazy with friendster. They used to say "Open you friendster, for god sake!", and I was not interested at all.. :p
Firstly, I used my fb to play, and you won't believe how nice people could be.. I've got myself some new friends all around the world.. From Canada, Greece, US, UK, till NZ. I don't use that chat feature *It's a new feature, added last year* because I don't like to chat alot.. hehehe.. We've been sending real postcards, gifts, flowers.. They're awesome. :)

And since I'm a tutor in my college.. I have lots of.... "admirers". LMAO My students added me as their friends.. From year 2004 till now.. They sent me messages on fb to asked me questions about college stuff.. discussing their projects etc. :) And if I have to announce something to my group, I used message on fb too. It's practical. :)

Have a wonderful day Anita!!!
♥ Ms.P

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Thanks for the post, Anita, and I understand how it can be useful to a blogger.

While I know better than to say 'never', I still can't see me doing it. Who knows?

yonca said...

Thanks for this post Anita. I got a chance to know different thoughts on fb.I have a fb account. But i didn't started it for finding my old friends. I'm not interested in it at all.That's why i was late to have an fb account. I started it just because some review, giveaways, following some companies. And I 'm not good at chatting on fb. Usually use it for my blog posts. I do use msn messenger to connect to my family and some relatives I wanted to talk/chat with.I choose who ever i want to connect with.
Yesterday i got an invitation from a relative which i don't want to involve with a connection with him on fb. And still thinking what to do. It gave a huge head ache to me lol. I don't want to break his heart but i don't want to connect, chat, sharing pictures...with him either. His request still waiting to respond.Ugh! I need some advises:)

Anonymous said...

I used to have a facebook but it just bored me so I closed it. The people I have relationships with I already know what's going on in their lives that's important. I don't really care that someone had pizza for dinner or went to a basketball game, little stuff like that. I prefer the big, juicy stuff that of course nobody in their right mind would post on facebook :)

Anonymous said...

I was so not going to do FB either, and jumped on the bandwagon. I found a lot of great people from my past. I don't put my blog on it though. I've tried to be annonymous in my blog, but my sister kinda blew it by texting it and emailing it to everyone she knew when she guest posted on it.I suppose if I didn't post things from writing groups on there, I might would link my blog to my FB, but in those posts I'm introspective and personal, things I might not want some of those people to know about me. Maybe I'm just weird like that.

Anita said...

HI EVERONE, thanks for all the facebook info and opinions. You've given me and the other readers things to think about, whether its pro, against, or somewhere in the middle.
YONCA, I hope I don't get requested as a friend by someone that I don't want to deal with, but if I do, I will just ignore it. I guess that's hard to do with family. :)
I understand all of you who want to keep your identities secret so that you can say whatever you want to, and blogging is good for that. If I ever have that need, I'll set up another blog. :)


Tracie said...

I've been on FB for over a year. When I first started, I was hooked. E-mailing, chatting, playing those stupid games and everything. Now I'm too busy reading blogs to get on there much. And I don't put my blog post links up because I'm not "out" with everyone.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I'm avoiding it, although I think Facebook or something like it will soon replace email. It began as a place for college students and then younger. I always felt my kids should have something private where mom wasn't watching. I say that, but I also have many friends on Facebook who will let me know if they see something awry.

Me? I'm still a holdout, but am please it has worked for you, Anita.

Michelle Schraudner said...

I don't know if you've seen this or not, but there's a facebook application called Networked Blogs that will automatically post a feed from your blog to your facebook wall and newsfeed. It's really helpful!

Midlife Mom said...

I was on FB for a while but I found that I just couldn't do blogging and FB as time just does not permit it. I figured one addiction was enough! ha! Glad to read how well it has worked out for you and I didn't know how to connect the two before reading your post! My sisters just LOVE it but they don't have blogs so have more computer time available. They have met up with lots of people from way back when! :o)

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

FB user and love it. I have a "don't take up space with nonsense" rule so I only post when I have something important to say. Time is too valuable for posting every thought and action or to play the games. I've been able to reconnect with people who otherwise would have never been able to plus keep up with my fam/friends back home more regularly. Met some wonderful new friends too. I only posted my blog once b/c I figured if someone was interested they could follow it (see no nonsense rule.) It really is addictive though. I check it daily. One of the best features is being able to keep up with my kids' thoughts, friends, etc. Almost like snooping in their diary. The worst feature is having your 11 year old post something you wouldn't want the whole world to know. (it's happened.)lol

Joanne said...

I haven't jumped on the fb bandwagon, finding blogging is sufficient for now. But it does seem like a viable tool for promoting blog posts, like your post says, something to consider in the future, maybe.

Chapters From My Life said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving a comment Anita..
OK .. let me confess there are two facebook addicts in my home..or make it three in the family of three members LOL.
I log on to facebook often to check updates. Most of my friends are cancer survivors from USA and it has been a boon to keep in touch with everyone...

Stephanie said...

I am on facebook. Now I am considering shutting it down. I worry about having pictures of my kids out there...and that is how I use facebook. to share pics of what is going on in my life with family and friends!

me said...

Im very much like you "in the early days" not getting facebook at all lol

gayle said...

I have been on facebook for awhile now ...sometimes I link my blog and sometimes I don't ..just depends...I will post a few pictures and updates once in awhile..I just mainly read what everyone else is doing

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is food for thought.....never thought of it a way of promoting my blog, interesting.

Thanks for commenting on my blog as well,

Gill in Canada

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

I finally got a FB account after persistent begging from friends. At first I loved it and then....I made a mistake. I let everyone and his uncle "be my friend" - turned out to be a nightmare because many of those people had no idea what social networking etiquette was. People airing their dirty laundry, mean nasty comments...ugh.Got tired of all those "requests" that I felt obligated to respond to... I don't play FARMTOWN..!!!! I deleted my account, reopened and ONLY allow my family as my friends-just to keep in touch daily. :)

Hilary said...

I'm sure someone may have already mentioned this in the comments, but there is an application on FaceBook called Networked Blogs that allows you to sync your blog directly to FaceBook. Once you publish your blog post, it will appear on FaceBook as a note -- no more cutting and pasting!

Abby said...

I have a facebook account, but I consider that and my blogs as separate entities.

Blogging is just spontaneous ramblings about whatever. I use facebook as a way to catch up with and find old friends. Most of my facebook friends don't know of my blogs.

Ironically, it was a couple of blog friends that prompted me to get on facebook so we could challenge each other to WordTwist matches.

Robert said...

Thanks for visiting my definitely not one of the "mommy blogs!" blog :0) I hope you weren't too disappointed.

My wife does FB in our house. It's how our rather large family find out what's going on in our lives - with photos only seconds old being posted and whatever is on their mind being aired. She has organised an "inner circle" and an "outer circle" so that all the presonal stuff can only be viewed by the chosen few.

My blog stays off FB and only those I choose to tell about it know it exists.

Patti Lacy said...

What a FUN, FUN blog! Saw it at another place.

I've been BLOWN AWAY by how many book sales, reviews, and servings of manna I've gleaned from FACEBOOK!

My daughter set it all up just a few months ago, and I actually enjoy the daily Art Bites I post and snippets from Oswald Chamber's and my nightly discussion.

Hope you visit my "house" soon!

Unknown said...

I love FB. I've reconnected with old friends and distant relatives that way...and I also use it to post about my blog, so that is a nice feature as well.


Unknown said...

I have friends that don't Facebook too. It makes it so easy to "keep up" with friends and family. Thanks for sharing!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note

Jen said...

Facebook is how my brother found me...

RANdom said...

Another interesting post.

I'm on FB and use it relatively frequently but not so much to post things but to keep up on what others are doing and saying...and some, although definitely not all, are doing and saying some very interesting things.

I use the automatic feature within FB to pull in my blog posts. It works pretty well although I've noticed that frequently there can be a significant delay. I keep my blog and FB blog is anonymous yet clearly anyone who is a friend on FB knows about my blog from the automatic link.

At the end of the day, for me FB and my blog serve two very different purposes. I view my blog as my own digital time capsule that will provide insights (hopefully to my future children) into who I was long after I'm gone (in a manner very similar to your post about getting in front of the camera and writing journals). Because of this I'm not necessarily looking to build a big audience for my blog but if some of my FB friends find the posts interesting they have a way to easily get there.

Anita said...

Good comments and info EVERYONE!