Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank you Girl Scouts...Now Go Away 'til Next Year

Did you enjoy your Girl Scout cookies? I did.

Nirali, a friend of my daughter Hayley, is our dealer. Always innocently clad in her Girl Scouts vest lined with badges, she arrives at our door to take our order. This year, she supplied us with two boxes of Samoas, two boxes of Tagalongs, one box of Thin Mints, and one box of Lemon Chalet Cremes. Surprisingly, there are two half boxes left. Maybe it’s because the six boxes of cookies had to share top billing with my daughter Kelly’s two birthday cakes. We definitely have not lacked in our “zero nutritious-delicious” carbs during the last week or two. (The “We” is me and my three daughters. My husband had his one, thin, obligatory slice of birthday cake…he’s so good.)

The thought of the cookies popped into my head as I curiously stepped on the scale. Shock! Just two weeks ago, I was marveling at the low number on the scale and looking at myself in the large bathroom mirror, turning to view all sides of me. “Wow” I thought, “My recent jogging is working!” I had just gotten my weight back down after going through another temporary binge that included a Boy Scouts Eagle celebration. The cake, brownies, and my favorite – the crème puffs – were so, so good. Hmmm…seems to be a Scouts theme here.

The yo-yoing this month is not unusual; down six pounds, up five, down four, up two... Over the years, that has happened more often than having a static weight for at least a month at a time.

I have accepted that there is a direct correlation between the food that goes in, the amount of exercise, and the number on the scale. We’ve all heard this; nothing new.

While I kid about cookies and pounds, I must seriously add, that I do not expect to have a perfect weight – whatever that is. We are all so vastly different, and it is quite burdensome to try to fit a certain mold. Work on being your best! I am going to continue with the exercise, and with putting a few more nutritious calories in my body. Soooo…back to the pavement-more jogging, less cookies.

Swimsuit time is almost here. Are you ready? Just kidding. LOL
Actually, if you have some encouraging words, or nutritious-delicious snack tips, let us know.


Judy Thomas said...

I managed to escape the Girl Scouts this year- no one came to the door, no one hit me up at work, I didn't even run into a GS cookie booth at the grocery! My rule for sweets- if it is in the house, I will eat it, unless it is something I do not like. So for holidays I buy sweets that my family likes, with me being the exception. Same with GS cookies- when I buy them, I buy the ones that don't interest my taste buds!

Anita said...

JUDY, that's a good formula for avoiding the sweets. I have discovered Spring Rolls at the sushi area in Ukrops. A wrap with cucumber, avacado, shredded carrots, fake crab meat - to name a few ingredients. Too expensive to buy daily. Eventually, I will experiment with making it on my own to satisfy my crunchy, tangy snack treat.

Karen Taylor Davis said...

I had to laugh at your GS cookie fix. Cookies of ANY kind are my weakness and I share your strategy to just keep them out of the house! Easy to say . . . HARD to do with a Junk Food Junkie husband!

And, you must have bought that yo-yo scale the same place I got mine! Once I recover from this sprained ankle, I'll be walking OUR new dog! If you're not afraid that my dog might have your dog for lunch, we should set some walking/jogging times and meet on KC Drive!

Beth said...

I love girl scout cookies - any kind - and buy about 15 boxes a year. I don't buy new bathing suits anymore. I treat myself to a new cover-up that never comes off.

Anita said...

KAREN, a yo-yo that what it's called? OK. Now what about the jeans that seem to shrink without notice? Yo-yo jeans? :-) And, we'll get our dogs to drag us around soon!

BETH,you know all the tricks. I can learn a lot from you!

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