Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poop Explosion!

Not me! The dog! Layla!

I start the day cleaning up behind my dog, and end the day on my hands and knees cleaning up behind my daughter Mallory.

It’s a Saturday – no kids to get ready for school. The fresh, wide open outdoors is waiting for me. “Run at least three miles,” I say to myself, “it’s early and still cool, a perfect time to run.”

But…as I step out of my bedroom, a familiar smell hits me. I want to deny it because I am just two minutes from my run. My girls are also upstairs and on the computer. When I ask if they can smell anything, the reply from all three is, “I don’t smell anything.” Then one of them says, “My nose has been stopped up for days.”


No one had dared to go downstairs because that would have meant having the responsibility of beginning the cleanup.

So, I start the march downstairs, beckoning the troops to follow. (Husband/Daddy feigns deep sleep and unawareness.) Even though Layla was in her crate when it happened, it's still a messy job. I’ll try not to be too graphic, but…her bed is thrown into the washer, the crate is taken outside and hosed down, part of the kitchen floor is cleaned, and Layla gets a bath.

I am determined to go for my run. It's almost an hour later and I've missed a guaranteed cool run, but I head out for my three miles. The temperature feels like it has risen ten degrees, but I still appreciate the workout/escape.

Now that I play tennis and ride horses (both are lessons), I have to run to maintain stamina to keep up with all the younger girls that I hang out with.
I digress.

Anyway, the day is mostly spent cleaning. Just as I am whining down to switch gears to dinner and leisure, Mallory throws up…on the family room rug. I gather the troops again to assign duties. Fast! Get the paper towels, a wet rag, a plastic bag, the Nature's Miracle!

As we’re cleaning, Mallory is now relieved and perky and chattering, but “I” know that it is too early to be a definite wrap. As she rests on the sofa, we put a couple of towels on the rug and the waste basket near by.

I eat my dinner, then take Layla out into the night air for her potty break. In the mean time, Mallory goes upstairs to go to bed. When I return, I’m thrust into a repeat episode – this time it’s the bedroom carpet. (Having to do this twice, my husband has lost his appetite.)

The little darling is showered, put into pajamas, and wrapped cozily in a sea of blankets on a sofa…in my(our) bedroom! Her daddy insures that a third rug and room will not get slimed by putting plastic under her and all over the floor surrounding the sofa, where she sleeps soundly through the most of the night (with the help of a little Tylenol). Whew!

What is the difference between a dog and a child? Okay…just kidding!


Unknown said...

No fun! Thanks for visiting too. :)
Julie Magers Soulen Photography
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Bernie said...

I am so sorry for you. I know what that is like and it isn't fun. I am always amazed that I could stand to touch the messes and I have now the most glorious answer to that. I now have a package of plastic gloves and no kids nor dogs to clean up after. Life's little. idiosyncracies ( And I don't have a spell check on this page !)

Unknown said...

Uh oh. I guess you're done with the diapers but not the spills.

Hope Mallory is feeling better. So glad that you can round up the troops to help out when needed.

Judy Thomas said...

Once, as a beginning social worker, I was trying to explain how to use behavioral reinforcement to parents with a behaviorally-challenged child (a real brat). Having no child at the time, I cast about for an example...and hit upon the reinforcement-based training I did for my dog. Needless to say, neither they, nor my supervisor listening to the session, were impressed! However, now that I have both dog and child, sometimes the similarities are startling! :-)

Dorraine said...

Oh dear! Poor Anita. At least you still got your running in.

I can relate to the poopy part as we have a new puppy. She's a doll, but after a month still hasn't mastered the potty training. She was doing very well, but then we've had days of rain, and she doesn't like the wet grass.

Another day of rain. Here's to clean floors, healthy kids and good little dogs!

Anita said...

JULIE, you're fun. but while it's going on, I have to tell myself, "I'm nurturing, I'm caring, I'm blah, blah, blah..." :)

Looking forward to seeing your next group of photos!

Anita said...

BERNIE, good idea. Any suggestions to avoid the odor? :)

Anita said...

CHOCOLATE, You're right! I'm not done with the spills! Maybe in a couple more years.

Thanks for asking about Mallory. Nothing like an unnecessary trip to the doctor and a $25 co-pay to expedite the recuperation. :)

Hilary said...

Ah yes, I remember those days well. I don't miss them one bit. At least not that part of them. I hope your little one is tip-top before too long.

Anita said...

JUDY, now that you have concrete examples and evidence, maybe you'll have an opportunity to teach parents and educators that theory and approach again! :)

Anita said...

DORRAINE, I don't know what was worse - potty training my kids or my dog. Yes, the kids were worse, but the dog was quite a challenge too.
Good Luck with your new "baby!"

Anita said...

HILARY, Isn't it interesting how we are so proud of taking care of our babies or young children, but once they're past a certain stage, the thought of doing it again is frightening!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Oh boy, is this what I have to look forward to now that my 3 1/2 year old has just started an early learning program with lots of other toddlers and their germs? All of a sudden, home schooling is looking pretty good Lol!

Wow, you manage to stay so active. Wish I had the freedom, maybe I could get rid of some of this baby weight. Writing my blog is my way of venting while I cope with being a first-time mom at 45 with the additional stress of going through menopause.

Sure helps to know we are not alone out here!!


Anita said...

DEB, I am looking forward to hearing all about your motherhood experiences! You are in for a ride, but I'm sure you already know that. :)

From one menopausal babe to another - blessings!