Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Will A Scarf Help My "Mom Uniform?"

Here I am on one of my better days. (The scarf is for this post and to have fun with my daughter - playing dressup.)

I decided to spare you from the boxy tee-shirt.

She rings my doorbell. I open my front door to see my friend dressed in dark tweed pants, a form-fitting black sweater, and black shoes. Light makeup and a neat hairstyle add to her naturally attractive face. There is one more thing to complete the look – the scarf!

It is simple, with colors of white, black, and gray, but it stood out. Her scarf (an item I never wear unless it’s around my neck for warmth) led me to reflect upon a time when I was often seen having that look – a look that can be professional or dressy-casual.

I compliment Erin and she thanks me, but I can almost read her mind saying, “Anita doesn’t get out much.”

Well, I do get out. On weekdays, I go to the grocery store, to Target, miscellaneous stores at strip malls, doctors’ offices, and to my kids’ schools to drop off forgotten items. There! I even make a rare appearance at the indoor mall.

And when I’m out while the kids are at school, I look similar to all the other moms. We recognize each other; we have… “the mom look.” The strollers and babies are a giveaway for some, but the rest of us still have the look – it’s just a more advanced mom look.

Our mom uniforms vary because, yes, we do have choices! In hot weather, wrinkled, just-above-the-knee or mid-thigh shorts, a tee shirt, and flip-flops are standard attire. But if we want to go all out, as I often do, we iron the shorts, put on a real shirt with a little cling, and ditch the flip flops for sandals…not too much heel though…we’re moms!

In cold weather, moms are wearing their beloved jeans, many of which are over five years old with waistbands that reach above the belly button; I think they’re called “mom jeans.” We pull from the large supply of tee-shirts and throw on a sweatshirt or hooded zip-up sweat jacket and we’re ready to go out.

If not in jeans, moms are wearing sweat pants, the stretchy yoga-like pants, or leggings. Another staple - the matching athletic pants and jacket. Years ago, I think it was a jogging suit and it was shiny. Now it might be called a warm-up suit and it doesn’t shine anymore.

For shoes, two choices – bulky shoes (people my age still call them tennis shoes) or the slide on shoes with no back (clogs, I guess).

I own all these items, but my favorite uniform is blue jeans (under the belly button), a real shirt, and the clogs. But, the warm up suit and tennis shoes get a weekly showing, too.

A quick note about the hair…headband, or eyeglasses used as a headband, baseball cap, or ponytail.

I know I haven’t covered all the mom uniforms, but what I’ve mentioned is average. On the “other side of town” where the “good” mall is, the moms are preppy, wearing labeled, designer clothes, with accenting scarves.

When I go to the grocery store during mid-day, I notice the “nicely put together” women at the store’s cafĂ© standing in line for their lunches, and I remember when… But, I am now, and always have been, “a blue jeans kinda girl.”
How would you describe your “look?” Are you satisfied, or do you need a change?


Abby said...

This is SO universal. You've managed to describe just about every mom I'm friends with. To be honest, I'm typically a bit suspicious of a "mom" in heels and tight clothing. Is she a real mom?

I typically do the jeans/kakis with comfortable top of some sort this time of year. I do like to pull out the windpants for walking the dog and such, but typically forgo the "sweats" if out in public.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Well Anita, you certainly have described me and my wardrobe. I love the yoga pants but I wear high heels crocs until the weather here gets so cold, my toes freeze. Then it boots but still the yoga pants all Winter long.

Do I need a change? Oh yeah, big time! If I can get some weight off, I might just go out and get me some "mom jeans"


Lee said...

See, you are my kind of mom!! I am sitting here in my jeans, tee and flip flops!

Anita said...

ABBY, I forgot about Khakis! Thanks for the reminder because I'm due for a new pair.

Got a good LOL when you mentioned windpants...still laughing

MENO MOM DEB, I'm sensing that you're a little sassy :) Keep working on the mom jeans!

LEE, I'm back in my same jeans from yesterday, but it's warm, so I'm wearing flip flops, too. Kindred spirits, we are, :)

Unknown said...

It's always fun to update from time to time and a scarf is an easy way to refresh an outfit. I love scarves!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note

Anita said...

JULIE, I'm guessing that you have a sense of style, and that if you showed up at my door (like my friend) I'd be impressed. :)

I only "work it" when I have to. :)

Morgan said...

yoga pants are the best. Since becoming a mom, comfort has been a priority. It has to be relaxed and cozy or it's out.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Anita,thanks for visiting my blog.Love yours,I will be back. Have a great weekend.

Anita said...

MORGAN, Comfort is high on my list too.
Congratulations on the pregnancy! Hope you'll still have time and energy to update your blog.
May God bless you and your new baby!

MY AIMLESS INFATUATION, thank you! I'll be visiting you again, too.

the mom said...

Yes, you look very elegant in a laid back way. My look is terrible. I never went anywhere without my ponytail, so I desided to cut it short. I looked good, but now I want my ponytail back.

Anita said...

THE MOM, I REALLY need a haircut. Soon, I will be brave and cut it. Being able to do a ponytail really spoils me and other women too, I'm sure. i will probably still have just enough to put a band on it.
I saw some pictures of myself taken four years ago and my hair was only about three inches- from the scalp to the ends. I don't know why I'm afraid to cut it that short again...