Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Weight

I stepped on the scale this morning to see that I am four tenths of a pound from my maximum, self-imposed weight limit.

I repeat – four tenths of a pound, NOT four pounds. I think I’m in trouble.

It’s that time of year; my daughter’s birthday cake stares at me every time I enter the kitchen. “Take a slice Anita, or even just a pinch” it says.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; more cakes and pies. But even if I hold back on the sweets - the bread, gravy, sweet potatoes, potato salad, cranberry sauce, and macaroni and cheese at mom's house (yes, we’re southerners) will take its toll.

Thanksgiving is one day - yes - but leftovers will last a few more days, at which point, the Christmas cookies will begin to appear at every venue. Not even my favorite sweet thing, but still, I’ll have “one” everywhere I go.

And then there are the obligatory nuts, candies, and caramel popcorn bought from the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts two months ago, that have been timed just right to land at the door step this month.

How many parties this month, and next? So far, two for me, but surely there’ll be more gatherings, hence, more temptations.

I’m not a heavy person - partly due to genetics; mostly due to exercise, pulling myself away from the table, watching the scale, and vanity. (Just kidding…I’m not vain…really.) But also, I’m definitely not exempt from the battle of the bulge, the evidence being: two sizes of clothes in my closet, and photographs that don’t lie.

Maybe this will be the year that I won’t find myself squeezing into my pants by Christmas, and desperately trying to run it off in January. If I can continue to run (or walk) in the cold, windy, cloudy, damp, and/or rainy weather, I might emerge victoriously. Or, I can try “again” to exercise indoors, which is going to be hard to do because my treadmill has issues and the exercise shows on TV are too easy to walk away from. Hmmmm...

Okay…think positive...cut back on the cookies…exercise….I’ve said it…that’s my plan…I can do it!

Ha Ha

What’s your plan? :)


Unknown said...

I've got a great new Wii Fit Plus to keep me motivated. I haven't gotten too much into it but I plan to in the near future. It keeps track of calories burned and how much more of a workout I need to do.

I feel your pain though. I love to cook and of course, eat what I cook. Now, if the food was nasty, that would solve all the problems right there!

Have a great Thanksgiving and don't worry about the pounds...they are more than likely exempt on holidays.

Sharon said...

I'll be on the treadmill first thing in the morning tomorrow! Pounds are creeping back on me...It's so easy to overeat! I will cut up some veggie sticks to munch on for most of the day, and allow myself ONE dessert. How does 60 minutes on the treadmill sound? Is it eqivalent to a piece of pie?? Happy Thanksgiving!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Anita, you are right on top of that line girl and what a bad time of year to find yourself there!

My plan is to try to lose about 15 pounds before we head off to Hawaii in January. Don't know if I'm gonna make it, we had Thanksgiving last month but the temptation is still everywhere!

Keep us posted!

gayle said...

It's hard so very hard!!

MissKris said...

Come on out here to Portland and I'll take you for a walk to the top of Mt. Tabor, our dormant volcano cone. From our front door to the top and back is 5 miles...half uphill, ha! My Dear Hubby and I walk up there a lot and there's nothing that will make you feel more like a saint than walking to the top of it after Thanksgiving dinner! You sure wouldn't have to worry about that 4/10th's of a pound after THAT, ha! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your nice comments. I don't do the Follower thing on my blog, sorry. I guess you'd have to Bookmark my site? A bunch of us were talking a while back about how it feels too much like being in high school again...the 'popular' compared to the 'unpopular'. And some of us opted out. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen said...

My plan is to train for another marathon. Enjoy your holiday!

Tabor said...

This is an endess struggle it seems. I wish you energy and success.

Kate said...

Yes - I lurch between being determined to get a new, fit and sleek body and turning - occasionally at least - to chocolate when things feel too hard. I reason with myself - if the cancer returns, what a waste of energy to have deprived myself of good things to eat.... but if it doesn't I don't want to be a blob for the rest of my (hopefully long) life!!

Abby said...

A messy divorce helped a friend of mine lose about 50 pounds. I don't recommend that diet.

I'm on the smallish side too, thanks to Mom's genes, but Dad's got some fatties on his side, so I'm not out of the woods!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Stay off the scale for a day!

Stephanie said...

I just add in some extra water! Seems to slow down the eating and flush out the system:)
On the other is short, let them eat cake!

Anita said...

CHOCOLATE, We have Wii Fit. I tend to forget about it. I'll get the kids to motivate me to use it. Good idea!

SHARON, Creeping Pounds...I like that way of decribing the weight. Have fun on the treadmill! :)

MENONEWMOM-DEB, Yes, let's check back with each other and all the other bloggers to see if we're in the plus or minus club next month. :)
You'll enjoy Hawaii regardless!

GAYLE, I's hard, but possible. :)

Anita said...

MISS KRIS, I would love to hike up Mt. Tabor. That would be so exciting and I'm sure it would kill an unwanted pound or two. But until I get to Portland, I'll have to find something exciting here.
Interesting explanation on the followers. I'm new to blogging, but I can see that there is competition.
I will "keep track" of you otherwise. :)
Thanks for visiting and for your witty comment. :)

Anita said...

JEN, training for a marathon will surely keep you in shape. I hope to be motivated to train for a 10k. No time like the present to start, huh? :)
Be sure to blog about your training.
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Anita said...

TABOR, I can probably end the "struggle" if I give up one of life's greatest pleasures - eating. :)
Actually, I still have a fairly good metabolism, so I'll keep eating and keep struggling. :)

Anita said...

KATE, you're not the only one rationnalizing. We all do. And I think you sound "balanced" in your thinking.
I wish you had a different situation; but keep appreciating those healthy days, months, and years!!!
And have a piece of chocolate. :)

ABBY, I'm at mom's and I haven't stepped on their scale today!

I watched a neighbor lose about 50 pounds during a divorce too. She must be over it and happy again, because the weight is all back.

Yep, be careful with that other gene pool that is possibly lurking about in your body. :)

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Anita said...

MODERN MOM, It's always good to be reminded of simple and easy solutions. Why do we forget the water?
Thanks :)

Nakamuras on Saipan said... some time to think..I'll get back with you...never thought of having a plan during the holiday season-but maybe if I stick to my treadmill and yoga routine I'll break (I better increase the routine because I had 3 pieces of pumpkin pie...)

Cindy said...

my plan is to exercise consistently and strive to eat whole, health food and avoid processed ones.

Unknown said...

I have fallen off the wagon with Jazzercise lately and I can tell by the way my pants fit. Why is it so hard to behave/be consistent over the holidays!?! Just know you're not alone. I haven't even gotten on the scale because I don't want to know. (not that I need to weigh in b/c I can tell)..

Hilary said...

Oh, I am so with you on this continuous battle. I didn't overdo it on Thanksgiving (a first), and I know that I'm going to be steadily eating my way through the holidays. You just have to lace up the shoes and pound the pavement. Any little bit is better than none. We'll have to trade music that gets us moving!

Anita said...

NAKAMURAS, ERIN, HILARY and others that need some restraint: Can we possibly do what CINDY (LETTERS FROM MIDLIFE) is doing - exercise, and eat whole foods, healthy foods, no processed foods? LOL

CINDY, seriously, you are an inspiration. I really do like hearing from disciplined people because it does plant a seed in my head. Now if I can only get it to grow. :)

ps. I have improved over the years, but much more improvement s needed.


Unknown said...

This all sounds very very familiar. Hmmm. I vow to walk more because I know I won't be able to resist the Christmas cookies!

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Dorraine said...

Ug, know exactly how you feel here. Besides Thanksgiving, we've had two birthday girls this week. So we're talking two birthday cakes. I must walk from here to Christmas and beyond to undo all the damage.

Anita said...

JULIE, DORRAINE, My mother-in-law once said, "Five minutes on the lips; five pounds on the hips."
We will not let that happen! :)
As Hilary (in the US) said, we'll lace up the shoes and pound the pavement. I went out yesterday for a run/walk. Didn't do as much as I would have liked because of a lapse in exercise, but I vow to work my way back up!
I've already had a slice of pie today. :)


Bernie said...

I can emphasize with Kate when she wonders that as long as cancer is in the picture, maybe she should just enjoy? It is a real dilemma, but I think you have to hit a happy medium. Don't deprive yourself too much, but don't let it get out of hand. They say if you are slim and fit you have a better chance of beating it. On the other hand if you have some fat on you. you have more to work with.

Midlife Mom said...

Your daughter's cake is calling my name way up here in Maine! I so hear what you are saying and let me warn you that the older you get the harder it is to take weight off and the easier to put it on. I was slim and trim until I hit about 50 and then things started going downhill. Now I really have a problem of 30 pounds and it just hangs on like mad! I love to bake and then I love to eat it. Sigh....I lost it all three years ago but gained it all back. You are very wise to have a set weight that you don't go past so that it doesn't get out of control!!! Pass the cake please! lol!

Kasie said...

4/10 of a pound. you are NOT in trouble :)
I don't have a plan... that's the problem.
I ate entirely TOO much food over the holiday break. We went to KY to see my hubbys family.
My mother in law home-cooks everything (including chex mix... seriously)
It's all so yummy.
I was blessed with a treadmill about a month ago. I started a great run plan ( I used to run track in high school & really want to start running again) but after 2 weeks we had to put the treadmill upstairs bc we were having guests. That's where it's been sitting since. It's become a great place for laundry to pile up on.
A plan is exactly what I need. Intentions are good, but not doing the trick.
Hope your thanksgiving was great.
I love your blog... especially your thought provoking discussion questions. I think I may start asking more questions on mine. This is great.

Anita said...

BERNIE, I totally agree. When there are issues that are so much more important than a little extra weight,maybe the person dealing lwith the problem should decide the distributions of worries.

And you're right, those of us in the smaller category, do seem to lose weight easier.

MIDLIFE MOM, I'm 51 and you're right, I have noticed a difference. Fortunately, I started life being able to eat anything without gaining, so now it's not too bad yet, but yes, the days of eating any and everything are GONE!
I share your enthusiam for food, although I let someone else do the baking. :)
Stay healthy. :)

KASIE, Thanksgiving was good; I'm glad yours was too.
I'm very familiar with the treadmill used as a hanging rack. :) Or, not being in a convenient place, like down in a cold,lonely basement. But, we all have the best of intentions.
I wish you well with your "plan." :)
Thanks for the compliment on the blog. I love being able to communicate with lots of people by a single post, but I still feel that I have a personal connection, too.



Eileen Astels Watson said...

Our Thanksgiving was a month ago, but I still need to lose pounds too. Exercise and healthy choices are tops on my list right now.

Anita said...

EILEEN, I wish you success in losing those pounds. You have the right formula - healthy food and excercise.
I've begun to exercise more again, and so far, so good. :)



the mom said...

I had a very clear plan, three months ago when I went back to the gym (after 12 yrs); exercising 3 times/week so I could continue eating how much I want, but start losing weight.
Just that the trainer told me there is a golden rule; more out than in...
So, now my plan will be (from January and on); exercise, eat normalsized meals - but stop treating myself with extras...
Hard, isn't it, being a stay at home mom, surounded by food al day? ;•D