Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Price of a "Day Off"

This is what happens when the chief maid and manager has a quality-time day with her daughter, gets a slight stomach issue, and goes to bed early.

She wakes up to a kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes and lots of stuff on the counters. An hour later, the disaster area has doubled by the going-to-school breakfast and lunch-prep routine. The three children leave for school, the husband leaves a little earlier than usual to drop off the car for a repair, and the mom goes out to walk the dog.

Upon returning, she opens the garage door to the kitchen - immediate SHOCK and reality.


She has to clean up this mess.
* * * * * * * * * * *

The three children were out of school because of Election Day. The mother is successful in getting them to complete their homework, practice piano, and complete a chore or two. Afterwards, she decides to spend “quality time” with them. Surprisingly, only the youngest child is interested.

The mom let the child decide the activity – a movie. Afterwards, they go to the polling site to vote for the state’s governor, and then to the grocery store. The husband/dad is home for dinner; they all eat, and everyone leaves the kitchen in search of entertainment.

Usually, the mom/maid/manager will blockade the kitchen’s exit and command kitchen clean up duties, but she was feeling sluggish (probably from too much buttered popcorn at the theater), and left the site as well. Eventually, she went upstairs, followed by the youngest child seeking “reading time.” After a chapter, she dozed off, not caring what the natives were doing or about the state of the kitchen. Her last memory was of getting some good night kisses, including one from the dog.

Why does the weekend or a day off cause the mom/maid/manager to forgo all her management skills? (By the way, a mid-week day off makes it feel like there are two Mondays in the week.) She knows the consequences, but still, she slacks on the job. I guess she just doesn't want to be a maid and manager twenty-four hours a day.

Fortunately, the husband appreciates her and understands that doing something enjoyable while the kids are at school parlays into a mom who can become a talker/listener, driver, tutor, cook, maid, and good companion, starting at 2:45 p.m. The oblivious children appreciate her too.

It took a few years for the mom to decide how her day is spent - without feeling guilt. Right now, she’s sitting at the computer…blogging. lol

That's better
How does your routine change when you, the spouse, or the kid(s) have a day off?
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Dorraine said...

Oh, I do believe every mom can relate to your post, Anita. And I'm so happy that you did substitute reading to your child and kisses for dirty dishes. My kind of girl! I've been known to do that, too. Sometimes the maid does get tired.

I've just got one daughter at home now, but it still amazes me how much work I've got. If I don't stay on top of laundry, takes on a life of it's own. But I'm thankful there is more free time now. And the timing couldn't be better- my giddy had up and gone!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Oh Anita, ain't that the truth! You know what though? Your kitchen looks so much like mine, I had to do a double take. One of these days when I post a photo you will see what I mean.

I love the way you have summarized the duties that are expected of a mom. BTW, what a wonderful example you are setting for your daughter by taking her along while you vote. Too many young adults today can't be bothered.

Your before picture of your kitchen looks exactly how mine looks anytime I go away for a day and leave my hubby in charge. If only the mess was confined to just the kitchen those rare times!

Takes me hours to get things back the way I like them or should I say "The Right Way!"

Unknown said...

Anita, I felt your pain when I saw the before picture of your kitchen but loved the end result.

So glad that you had fun spending time with your daughter and not feeling the least bit guilty of taking the time to blog.

Anita said...

DORRAINE, I can feel my giddy up slowing down when it comes to house work. :)I hope I can hang in there with it as the girls take on more responsibility.
Thanksk for the encouragement and the compliment. :)

MENO DEB, it's always good to be understood by a fellow wife and/or mom. :)
I'll be waiting to see your kitchen some day. What a conincidence!
And thanks for complimenting me on taking Mallory to the poll. I hope you're right - in thinking that it will have a positive impact. I hope so too.

CHOCOLATE, thanks for sharing the pain. Oh,the things that bond us! :)

Cindy said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this doesn't change much when they get older. Even when adult children come home to visit, they seem to forget how to load a dishwasher.

Anita said...

Actually, I've seen certain adults who don't lift a finger to help clean up. Oh well.
Good to hear from you!

Hilary said...

Oh they're always be more dirty dishes to wash but those stories and goodnight kisses won't be bekoning you forever. You made a wise choice. :)

Anita said...

HILARY, Thank you. It's always nice to be validated by other moms. :)

Midlife Roadtripper said...

"Why does the weekend or a day off cause the mom/maid/manager to forgo all her management skills?"

Because the mom/main/manager needs time off, too. And there will always be dishes to do.

Anita said...

MIDLIFE JOBHUNTER, Good answer! :)