Sunday, September 27, 2009


The sound of rain splattering on my roof and driveway, and hitting against my window, was a pleasant addition to my sleep during the night and early hours of morning. It was like rhythmic music – a soundtrack to my dreams.

When I woke up, I looked out my bedroom window and felt gratitude. Attracted to the beauty of the rain, I found myself outside trying to get a picture that would capture its essence.

Usually I prefer the rain to happen in late evening or at night, but today when I saw it, I thought of grass, trees, flowers, food – everything that grows; how the rain is replenishing it all.

I thought of the four seasons in Virginia, how the temperature ranges from twenty degrees to one hundred degrees; how, just as boredom with a season creeps in, it changes. (Still LOOOVE the sun, though!)

I thought of how people retreat (if they can) when it rains, and that song, “Rainy Days and Mondays” [always get me down]. Sometimes I give into that too, but not today. Just got my umbrella, raincoat, and camera, walked barefooted down the driveway to the curb, breathed in the crisp morning air, snapped a few pictures, picked up the newspaper, and came back in.

It was refreshing, and it started my day off on a good note.

How does rain make you feel?


Candee Fick said...

I love the smell of rain. Feel refreshed and cleansed. Well, that's when I've got the option to stay dry under my umbrella or inside the house.

Rain when shivering on metal bleachers watching a son play football or being trapped inside a tent trying to entertain soggy children? That's a different story.

Judy Thomas said...

Rain is good for my garden, but not good for the gardener who wants to get outside!

Anita said...

CANDEE and JUDY, you make very good points. :)

I've managed to avoid being at an athletic event or inside a tent when it's raining, but my time will probably come.

I was at an outdoor wedding this weekend when the rain began to fall. Thankfully, it was light and we were given umbrellas. No downpour, which prevented our Funniest Home Video appearance.

Abby said...

Way to look on the bright side of rain!

Actually, we were camping once during a slow steady rain, and it was one of the best! We all had rain gear and the woods were so different in a rain. So I like rain too. Lightning.... not so much.

K said...

I love the rain too! It always calms me and rejuvenates me. I miss falling asleep to the sound of rain hitting on a tin/aluminum roof when I used to live in a little hut in the rainforest. I guess it's a good thing I love rain since it rained every day there :) My toddler is learning from me the joy of rain eventhough the thunder and lightning that comes with it some times scares her.

Unknown said...

Lovely tribute to rain.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so happy you enjoyed my photography.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note

Anita said...

ABBY, enjoying camping in the rain...matches the adventurous person that I believe you are.

KIMBERLY, you MUST write on your blog about living in "a little hut in the rainforest!"

JULIE, you're poetic as usual!

Thank you ladies for your comments. :)

RANdom Walkway said...

I love a nice steady rain, gentle spring showers and hard booming thunderstorms. I guess I just love all rain.

Anita said...

RANDOM, I'm the lone offbeat person in my house that is fascinated with thunder, too...that is, until the power goes off.

AMIT said...

I too love rains but the rain drops in the picture looks like fire drops.

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Anita said...

AMIT, you're right. The rain does look like sparks of light. I'm not a photographer, but the combination of the flash and the rain appears to have produced that effect. I thought it added an interesting abstract look.

Thanks for commenting!

Lynne said...

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Lynne said...

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Anita said...

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